What is it ?

Its all about Personalizing you car. Enhancing your driving experience. Individual recognition. Driving different.

Branew has strived to create unique and elegant additions for many years in Japan.

All their products are designed in-house and manufactured to the highest level of quality.

Who is Branew ?

Established in 1996 in Chiba Japan importing cars, Branew began to build their brand in 2002 when they started manufacturing car body enhancements. Starting with traditionally conservative names such as Rover and Mercedes, they have built a highly recognized reputation for quality and innovation.

The force behind all this is Hidetomo Koga, designer, president, and a man who appreciates the rich driving experience that is all to rare.

Who buys these ?

In Japan, it has been those who want an unparalleled driving machine, that have sought Branew over more commonly available kits. Resellers that wanted to differentiate themselves have partnered with Branew.

No other body kit manufacturer has been able to achieve the level of quality and design that Branew has. And in Japan, where these matter the most, Branew is recognized as a premium brand.

Product Line up

By focusing on a few models, Branew has been able to put together an impressive line up. Reflecting the traditional discipline of Japanese culture, they have built up a select set of high quality products.

How to Order

Branew does not mass produce their products. Utilizing a few specialized factories around Tokyo, orders are usually fulfilled in the sequence they are received. However Branew has given priority to orders received from DGS and these are usually completed in a few weeks.

DGS has partnered with a few auto specialists to make Branew products available through these channels. DGS also makes Branew products available directly to automobile owners. Please feel free to contact DGS for more information, estimates, and placing orders. A order form is available at here.

Download Catalog

A PDF based catalog is also available for downloading here.

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