Donahe Global Services LLC (DGS)

USA:: 900 South Meadows Pkwy #3721, Reno NV 89521

Japan:: 3-10-9 Kitasenzoku Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0062

Email: info@dgs-llc.com

Phone: (888) 289-5122

Fax: (775) 851-8630

Donahe Global Services (DGS), USA began by providing services to export selective high-value vehicle after market auto parts exclusively for customers serviced by BRANEW, Chiba, Japan in 2005. Since our beginning we have expanded to become the exclusive United States distributor of custom body kits, exhaust systems and wheels specially designed for the Mercedes, Land Rover, and Porsche vehicles. We continue to grow our business with the addition of DGS Japan by providing export services for our partner suppliers like Body Kits, Etc; Real Wheels, and Grillcraft to international select customers served by our strategic partner Branew.

For inquiries about this website or company e-mail to:info@dgs-llc.com Free dial:888-289-5122
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